5 mm X 1000 mm X 2000 mm -1.4301-304-pack-3-plates-no-PVC-net-weight-approx.-240-Kgs

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Stainless Steels, Sheets & Plates, Hot Rolled, No. 1 Surface Finish, Size: Thickness X Width X Length: 5 mm X 1000 mm X 2000 mm OR ( 0.19685 inch X 39.37 inch X 78.74 inch ). PACK OF 3 PLATES, TOTAL NET WEIGHT ~ 240 Kgs ( ~ 529 pounds ), Total Gross Weight inclusive Pallete ~ 257 Kgs ( ~ 567 pounds ). PRICE SHOWN IN THIS PAGE IS FOR ALL 3 PIECES TOGETHER. To find price per piece then please divide the price shown here by 3, or to find the price per Kg then divide price shown here by 240. Standard PVC film or Laser PVC film: Not available on any side. International Standards: Werkstoff number: 1.4301, Other Standards: AISI - 304 ( On the 3.1 certificate only 1.4301 or only 304 may be stated ). You are charged and you pay only for the Net Weight. Prices may change often as LME and alloy surcharges by the mills change often as well. Product Photo may differ from actual delivered product. HS TARIC Classification number: 72193100, Iron and steel, Flat-rolled products of stainless steel, of a width of 600 mm or more, Not further worked than cold-rolled (cold-reduced), Of a thickness of 4,75 mm or more, Containing by weight 2,5% or more of nickel .