Transport Rates - Greece


Transport Rates - Delivery to Greece by truck - Round Solid Bars (Rods)

Transport Rates, Costs for delivery to Greece by truck. The costs may be covered up to your warehouse OR by delivery to a transport logistics depot at Athens OR Thessaloniki OR Volos OR Lamia and then you can pick up from any of these locations at your own cost and your own means. In case of delivery at your own location you must be able to unload the goods from the truck at your warehouse by your own means ( truck, forklift etc. ), occasionally you must be able to unload from the top of the truck by your own means, however, if you are not able to do this, then kindly contact Utility Metals, to try to find a solution for you. ALTERNATIVELY, you may always pick up EXW Nuremberg, Germany, therefore, this present transport cost will not be included in the price since you will be arranging for the transport for the goods to your location. 
Don't forget, The larger quantity you place in your order ( especially when you consolidate in the same order different, various materials ) then the transport cost per Kg is decreasing, ask from UM a custom made quote !